Afternaut is an experimental electronic music project from Liverpool based producer, Adam Rowley. Adam has spent the past decade designing sound in video games for Sony, Disney and Sega. The Afternaut project was set up to design sound for himself. Initially this was just some experimental fun that got uploaded to Soundcloud, but this started to escalate when he was featured as a 'Soundclouder of the day'. 

What started out as processed ambient recordings soon developed into a live act playing shows with Oneohtrix Point Never, Beak>, Walls, Patten, Jam City, Ghosting Season, Sun Glitters and Labyrinth Ear as well as a festival appearance at Glade.

With a prolific output of Albums, EPs and remixes over the past 5 years, the sounds that Afternaut explores have been constantly evolving. Always retaining the same level of obsessively manipulated audio and intricate detail. His music has a vast, epic sci-fi sound as well as microscopic detail, with a strong emphasis on complex layers and heavily processed audio.